Acurate Security providing guards and security for construction, offices or residences.

About Acurate Security

Acurate Security is a privately owned company providing security around the Watford and London areas. As a team we have been in this industry for over 10 years, providing our clients with in depth knowledge and expertise in various security segments. This security experience is balanced with an administrative team priding itself on professionalism and teamwork.

All our staff are fully trained to the industry standard and hold SIA badges. We ensure our standards are high and that client expectations are met and if possible exceeded.

You, the customer stand to benefit from our combined level of experience and expertise. This starts at the top with the Managing Director and is continued all the way to every security and administration person involved within the Acurate Security team.

We can respond to unique and specific security challenges facing our customers by tailoring our services according to their specific industry demands. T his is achieved by continuous open communication between our team and the client.

Our goal is to become a long-term partner for security with each client organisation.

Free Consultation

Why not contact us now to arrange a free consultation, which will allow us to visit you and assess your security requirements. We can then discuss possible solutions, to secure your premises.