Acurate Security providing guards and security for construction, offices or residences.

Acurate Security Services

Static Guarding

For any company whose premises require an onsite presence, Acurate Security can offer the services of a 24hr guard. These guards remain on site, which mean they are then on hand to respond immediately to every alarm, intruder, or emergency, day or night.

Mobile Patrols

Licensed, uniformed guards visit and inspect the premises at agreed times. This is a cost effective, visible deterrent against intruders. We can arrange random or fixed patrols depending on your requirements.

CCTV Live Remote Monitoring

Acurate Security offers CCTV monitoring of premises. With remote monitoring, we can observe and respond to the events occurring at your premises. This can include intruders, theft, fire and flood. Our experts will assist you every step of the way, through a consultation, installation, maintenance and monitoring of your CCTV system.

Live remote monitoring of CCTV includes backing up of images and logging of events. This footage can also be required as evidence if something does happen and we will work alongside the police to provide all documentation and footage required to aid their investigations.

Remote monitoring can give you the peace of mind that your premises are being watched over, without the overheads of employing someone on site.

Key Holding & Alarm Response

Acurate Security can act as Keyholders for both businesses and homes. As Keyholders we can respond to any emergency arising in the premises. Responding to alarms and assessing the situation your behalf.

Free Consultation

Why not contact us now to arrange a free consultation, which will allow us to visit you and assess your security requirements. We can then discuss possible solutions, to secure your premises.